Roy Fields

In June 2005, Roy & Melanie Fields stepped out by faith into full-time ministry. With their 2 children and just a van to get them around, they moved out of their house with and gave everything away because they knew that God had called them to preach revival. After serving a few ministries for more than 18 years, they knew it was time to use what they had learned all those years. Roy felt the Lord speak to him when he was younger that if he wanted a vision from the Lord, then he was to support Another man’s vision and with all his heart and He would give him a vision. The time had come to do THE GREAT COMMISSION. After traveling for close to 4 years down the east coast of America from Maine to Florida, Roy found himself in Lakeland, Florida in the summer of 2008 ministering to a global audience of over 100 million viewers by way of the Internet and television as well as over one hundred thousand people attending those meetings. In just 3 years Roy has independently sold over 30,000 copies worldwide of his Praise & Worship music albums WE ARE THE GENERATION & LESS OF ME along with his other studio cut CDs. Roy and Melanie along with their 2 children still remain traveling on the road today globally to the nations and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through worship. They all travel together and have since they stepped out because they feel the first ministry is to the family. The heart of RUN WITH FIRE MINISTRIES is to make Jesus famous and see people fall in love him all over again or for the first time.