Healing is Here 2018

When reports of sickness come in or you begin to feel symptoms in your body, it is easy to throw your hands up and allow illness to control your life, accepting that you’re getting older and that you must “take it easy” and “lie low” until the illness decides to go away.

But Jesus has a better report—a report of wellness and healing—that was issued before you ever felt sick. It’s time to stop giving up and start living your life to the fullest!

hear empowering teaching from Andrew Wommack and some amazing Charis instructors, including Carlie Terradez and Daniel Amstutz. Charis is also pleased to welcome back Audrey Mack of GoTell Ministry.

Participate in workshops and teachings that will help you dig into God’s Word and expect miracles. Learn how to steward your healing and how to teach others to embrace God’s grace and walk in healing and vitality in their own lives.