Campus Days 2018

Your Journey Starts Here: Find Your Place

It’s not always easy to think of change as a good thing. When God is behind it, though, it’s far more than simple change. God doesn’t just want to change us – He wants to transform us.

If you hear Him calling you to a transformation, join us at Charis Bible College in Woodland Park, Colorado for Campus Days 2019. From April 3-5, listen to teachings on grace and righteousness from Andrew Wommack, Greg Mohr, and other powerful Charis instructors such as Barry Bennett, Wendell Parr, Carrie Pickett, and Lawson Perdue. Enrich your spirit with worship and praise, and experience God’s presence alongside others with your same thoughts and questions.

Whether God is calling you to more time with Him, or to something new entirely, Charis Bible College is the place for you. It will transform the way you think, pray, and live with the God who loves you.

A single decision is all it takes to change the course of your life forever. Come find your place in the kingdom!